SOTU Malawi Grand Petition ll to Government on May 25 Africa Day 2016

The National Advocacy Platform (NAP) under the State of the Union (SOTU) coalition in Malawi presented the Grand Petition ll to the Malawi Government through the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) as part of commemoration of the Africa Day, 25 May.

The Principal Secretary of OPC Mr. Clement Chinthu Phiri received the Petition on behalf of the Malawi Government for forwarding to the Head of State. Through the Chairperson, Mr. Robert Mkwezalamba, NAP has called for urgent attention to the issues raised and recommendations made.

Among the urgent issues raised included the call for decisive actions to stop the killing of People with Albinism. As we celebrate Africa Day 2016, it is being reported that a new murder case in Tcheu district has emerged. It involved a man with Albinism who was attacked while working in his dambo field. These killings are unacceptable and need to be tackled with urgency.

Below is the summary of the Grand Petition ll 


The National Advocacy Platform (NAP) comprising civil society and citizen groups
believes that for Malawi to make remarkable progress on its effort to address political,
social and economic challenges, and to ensure that all citizens enjoy equal rights
enshrined in the various legal and policy instruments including the Republican
Constitution, the following are the key asks the Government of Malawi and other
stakeholders should seriously and expeditiously ACT ON:

1. Stop the killings of people with albinism and severely punish the perpetrators
of this inhuman and barbaric violence against citizens. JUSTICE must be served.

2. Eradicate all forms of violence and discrimination against children, women,
people with disability and political opponents- such acts are unacceptable.

3. End hunger by depoliticizing the agriculture sector, invest in massive irrigation
programmes and declare maize as a protected crop.

4. Ensure that public hospitals have food, drugs and functional medical equipment-
the breakdown of health care system is affecting the poor most.

5. Decisively act against corruption by bringing to book and punishing all persons
implicated in government offices and district councils.

6. Complete the 2006/2007 Constitutional Review process to comprehensively
respond to emerging political and governance concerns and harmonize the
reform agenda. This process is long-overdue and remains a key governance
issue that needs urgent attention.

7. Enhance compliance with regional and international charters and protocols such
as the AU instruments for the benefit of citizens.

8. Ensure that all children of Malawi are accorded the right to education and
protection irrespective of their background, social status, and physical abilities-
the education crisis concerning the school dropout by children with albinism in
fear of attacks must be investigated and mechanisms be put in place to ensure
that these children return to school

9. Prioritize youth development by establishing Parliamentary youth committee
and awarding young entrepreneurs 30% of public contracts as a response to
rising youth unemployment.

10. Ratify the Revised AU Convention on Conservation of Nature and Natural
Resources and invest in climate change mitigation programmes.

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