Ce que nous faisons

What We Do

SOTU is a coalition of civil society organisations from 10 African countries. Our aim is to advocate and monitor the implementation of African Union standards, treaties and decisions. SOTU has prioritised 14 key AU instruments on democratic governance, economic and social rights and civil and political rights.

The Coalition believes concerted public pressure and united political will are needed at both continental and national levels to make the AU and the progressive standards therein a reality in the lives of ordinary citizens.

SOTU is monitoring the implementation of 14 AU legal instruments & policy standards and the status of implementation in 10 countries (Tunisia, Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana & Senegal) across the 5 regions in Africa and at the continental level.

SOTU implements its activities under 3 Key Result Areas:

Citizens informed and empowered to act to claim key rights and freedoms

  • Developing national and continental campaigns to raise awareness and invite citizen’s participation in holding their Governments accountable on the 14 instruments
  • Designing community/sectoral hearings in focus countries to enable communities of directly affected people to assess state performance against AU standards and instruments in the presence of AU and Government officials and;
  • Encourage informed public debate on decisions and policy choices emerging out of the AU Summits.

The African Union and Member States act to ratify, popularise and monitor implementation of key standards

  • State of implementation (compliance with AU commitments) regularly monitored at country and continental levels and publicly shared with Governments, Regional Economic Communities and AU Organs;
  • National platforms regularly engage executive, judicial and legislative arms of the state on status of and urgency for accelerated implementation;
  • Governments supported to hold multi-stakeholder experts and public consultations prior and post regional and continental decision-making events.

Inclusive national and Continental Platforms capacitated to popularise, engage and hold Governments accountable

  • Working with SOTU members to ensure they have the Institutional capacity built within national SOTU members to manage fluid and responsive national platforms, understand AU structures, policies and instruments, conduct high quality research, effectively use new and mass media technologies, public advocacy and campaigning methods and report back/debrief citizens;
  • National platforms actively support participation in national and continental experts, parliamentary and Government events, conferences and meetings, and
  • They produce high quality evidence to measure the performance of Governments against their obligations.